Monday, July 21, 2014

Maaji Swimwear at MBFW SWIM Miami 2015

Maaji Swimwear presented its 2015 collection on the runways in Miami Beach for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SWIM.  The appropriately named swimwear company seemed to fill the runway with some kind of bikini couture magic. There were a bevy of sexy cowgirls in straw hats and models outfitted in not-so-proper English equestrian attire complete with riding crop. Elaborately detailed prints with fun motifs such as horseshoes are expertly matched together with checkered patterns of varying color were on display.  While swimsuit collections are most often categorized as ready-to-wear, Maaji's collection is closer to couture.  

Manuela and Amalia Sierra launched the Maaji brand with the objective of creating magical, . Inspired by the diversity and natural wonders of their native country, Colombia, these talented sisters set out to create a brand that would create awe and wonder.  Over the last few years, Maaji has become know for their elaborate swimsuits, which are all unique one-of-a-kind creations.