Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indian Themed Specialty Cocktails

On my website, there is an article about party promoter and hostess Libby Keatinge's Indian themed birthday party titled Legend of the Maharani.  The party, held at the Theater Bar in Tribeca, featured a specialty cocktail menu. Created by Theater Bar's owner, Albert Trummer, these cocktails feature whimsical names and innovative and tasty combinations of spirits, natural fruit and vegetables juices and herbs/spices.  Here are the ingredients for a few of my favorites.  The rest along with mixing recipes can be found in Trummer's upcoming book about cocktails, which he has written with the assistance of Keatinge.

Snake Charmer

Fresh cucumber juice, soaked in a dill fennel, Bombay Sapphire gin base, with fresh market herbs

The Maharani

Grey goose with fresh muddled Long Island strawberries and a house orange bitter essence with fresh lime

Magic Carpet

Fresh Israeli mint soaked in a Bacardi 8 with fresh lime juice and vanilla essence number 7


Dewars soaked in fresh Long Island apples with lime juice and lavender essence number 2