Sunday, September 15, 2013

New York Latin Fashion Week - Rosita Hurtado

More from New York Latin Fashion Week - Bolivian designer Rosita Hurtado, a very talented and educated fashion designer who studies in London and Paris, has returned to New York for fashion week.  Her runway show ranged from jeans paired with casual tops to stylish dresses and skirts.

Check out some of her designs in the photos below (credit: Seks Wilson, photography for VIVE Katerin)

New York Latin Fashion Week - Keidy Amara - Colombian Designer

VIVE Katerin was photographer was on hand at Latin Fashion Week for a collection of runway shows from Latino designers based both in the United States and in Latin America.  One of my favorite designers at Latin Fashion Week was Keidy Amaya.  Ms. Amaya is a Colombian designer, who bases her designs on traditional Mantas Guajiras inspired by the art of the indigenous Wayuu people from La Guajira, Colombia. The flowing garments are feminine and sexy, and Amaya makes use of many different colors and textures that combine into a collection that ranges from formal to casual. As someone of Colombian heritage, I'm very pleased to see the level of talent in fashion design coming from Colombia.

Photo credit: Seks Wilson for VIVE Katerin


Thursday, September 12, 2013

New York Fashion Week - Harmless Sociopaths by Mishka Velasco

FIT trained and New York City based designer Mishka Velasco was born at the Panama Canal - the dividing boundary between two worlds.  Perhaps it is fitting then that her 2013 New York Fashion Week runway show, titled Harmless Sociopaths, seemed to straddle two worlds with an 'accountant by day, Bacardi by night' type of aesthetic.  Fairly modest black dresses and bright pastels that could be worn to work or a daytime social function were met on the runway with BDSM-influenced, latex clad models.  The juxtaposition of the two was interesting, and while creative, I don't feel it enhanced the designers core product.

Velasco's look book, available at shows a creative, ready-to-wear collection for women and men.  Perhaps I'm too much a traditionalist, but I won't have preferred a more straightforward presentation of what the designer sells to her customers without the Fifty Shades of Grey slant. Mishka Velasco has an urban, eclectic feel to her designs, which should appeal easily to those fashionistas with a downtown vibe.