Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tango Impromptu

Tango is a folk music style and dance typical of Argentina.  The music accompaning the expressive tango dance is most often played on guitars.  It is for this reason that Leonardo Le San may be considered atypical.  Le San is a Colombian born composer who learned a love of the tango from his father.  Leonardo started his musical journey playing guitar, but when he discovered the piano, he knew he had found his true calling.  Though he trained in the classical style, and he studied the work of Rachmaninov, Mozart and Beethoven, Le San continued to return to his love of tango.  Many of his compositions, such as "Tango Impromptu" reflect his passion for this style of music.

Leonardo moved with his family to the United States from the Eje Cafetero region in western Colombia, known as "the crossroads of coffee" as much of the nation's leading export is produced there.  He continued his formal musical study at the University of Delaware. His collegiate experience, in which he interacted with peers in different areas of study such as philosophy and science, contributed to the shaping of Le San's worldview and ultimately influenced his composing style.

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