Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting Back to Your Roots

VIVE Katerin caught up recently with celebrity stylist Rita Hazan at Sephora in New York's Time Square.
Ms. Hazan performs her hair coloring magic for star clientele like Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams, Jessica Simpson and Renee Zellweger.

In addition to working with her famous clients, Hazan is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Her eponymous salon located at 720 5th Avenue in Manhattan brings her downtown style and sensibility uptown in an intimate and welcoming setting.  While one would think the pressure of running a demanding NYC hair salon would take all of Hazan's time and energy, she also managed to research and launch her new ROOT CONCEALER product line.  Rita spent over four years testing various formulations and applicators before bringing ROOT CONCEALER to market.  The product, available exclusively at Sephora, comes in four shades and is designed to let women spray on color to hide roots and keep their hair looking great in between salon visits.

While Hazan's salon and ROOT CONCEALER help women look and feel great, one of the things VIVE Katerin thinks makes Rita shine is her confidence, passion and desire to have fun doing what she loves.  Rita mentioned that when she started her salon, she surrounded herself with friends and family who supported her commitment to do what she loves.  This is so important for all of us to remember. Life is short, so keep your friends and family close while you follow your dreams.

Be sure to check out VIVE Katerin's video interview with Rita Hazan.

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