Friday, August 12, 2011

Salsa Dancing in NYC

Are you looking for ideas for what to do tonight in NYC? Why not go to Iguana, a multi-level restaurant and dance lounge, which is well known for its salsa dancing.  Iguana has a full service Mexican restaurant on the main level, salsa upstairs, and another dance floor downstairs that spins mixed dance music.  Located at 240 W. 54th Street (between 8th & Broadway), Iguana is convenient to Times Square, the Theater District and Midtown. Given its location, it’s a easy spot to stop into after work or pre-Broadway show for cocktails or dinner.  If you don’t know how to dance salsa, don’t worry – Iguana offers free salsa dancing lessons. 

I met with Nino Brusco, who has managed Iguana for over 8 years.  Nino started in the hospitality business at age 10 when he worked in his uncle’s restaurant as a dishwasher.  He worked his way up to busboy and then waiter and then went to school to study hotel and restaurant management.  After finishing college, Nino managed several restaurants and even owned several of his own.  When commercial real estate investor and Iguana owner, Jerry Shallow, approached Nino about helping him launch Iguana, he jumped at the opportunity.  Nino prides himself on hard work and not being afraid to fail – two traits he believes are critical to success in the restaurant and hospitality industry.    

Plan a girls’ night out for salsa dancing and stop by Iguana for a great time.

Photography credits:
  • Iguana logo, courtesy of Iguana. 
  • Photo of Nino Brusco w/ VIVE Katerin taken by Sunny Norton Photography

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