Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lady Gaga - Antichrist or Savvy Marketer?

So, there seems to be a mini-controversy brewing about Lady Gaga's official release date of her song "Judas" timed to align with the Easter holiday. Assuming that Gaga and her record label, Interscope, did specifically plan to release Judas around Easter, I don't see anything inherently evil about this.  It's just marketing - create some buzz via a controversial issue, and (hopefully) sell a lot of music.

In fact this isn't even a new marketing tactic at all.  Similar to Gaga's song "Born this Way", which most people older than 16 recognize the similarities to Madonna's "Express Yourself", the sex/music/religion marketing tactic was most likely first done by Madonna.  Does anyone remember when the "Like a Prayer" was released?  As I remember, Pepsi sponsored the first airing of the "Like a Prayer" video on TV and received a ton of consumer backlash for it.  But, I'm sure it sold a lot of singles for Madonna and a lot of Pepsi.

And so, I can't really begrudge Lady Gaga the same. I hope her new single is a great success.  Gaga's in NJ tomorrow night BTW; in concert at the Prudential Center in Newark.  I may just show up with my camera, so stay tuned!

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